Sunday, May 19, 2013

4 reasons to hire an event planner


Planning a party can be a daunting task. From finding a venue, to picking the best caterer, managing all the supplies, and so on. I mean you could really work up your stress level, not to mention give your wallet a beating. So a friend suggest you should hire an event planner, and all you see is more disappearing dollar signs. That's where you are wrong? Hiring an event planner can actual keep you in budget, while saving you time and money. Imagine being able to convey your deepest event wishes to someone, and then watching them come true all while your blood pressure goes back to normal. Almost like an event genie. Here are 4 reasons why rubbing that magical event planner lamp can save your life (at least your social life)!


An event planner's job is to find you, the client, the best deals for all the necessary pieces of your event. They alleviate the need for you to spend hours surfing the Internet and calling around getting quotes from the baker and the DJ. An event planner is also much more capable of the average person in handling emergency hiccups, and still producing the best event. Let's be honest you've been stressed since the inception of your event, so why not lay your troubles down at the feet of an event planner. It's what they live for!


So chances are that you don't know a caterer, a DJ, someone with an event hall, or a decorator. Event planners do, it's their job to keep these kind of networks. Relationships with vendors can save you money, but also guarantee that you will have the best for your event. An event planner's Rolodex usually consists of hundreds of businesses that provide everything you may need for your event. With these relationships your event planner can find you the best deal for exactly what you want. Put the phonebook down, and call that event planner


Event planners keep up with current trends, and know the hottest colors, locales, and dishes. They know the latest deals, and the newest venues. They breathe this stuff, when they aren't planning parties, they are filling up on knowledge. This knowledge is then used to pull off your perfect event. So bring your ideas to the table and watch them come to life!


All of the above reasons have nothing on saving money, but they have everything to do with saving money for your event. Event planners and all they bring to your event will save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars. While they run all over town for your special day,  you save gas money and maybe that stop at the convenience store to refuel your body.  While they negotiate with vendors, you save money! While they realize that silk is off season, and vinyl is in, you save money! And when it rains on your outdoor event, your event planner has a plan B that guess what......saves you money!

Bottom line: Hiring an event planner is a smart move for you and your wallet!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Getting Married? We can help!

Overwhelmed?  Frustrated?  Have absolutely no clue where to start? Allow Simply Elegant to take over. Sit back relax and let us plan your wedding from beginning to end. Every budget deserves class.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Celebrating Mom

Seems as though she walks on water, gliding ever so effortlessly while juggling stuffy noses, work deadlines, and dinner on the stove. She was your super hero, the one with all the answers. You remember the night you were convinced that there was monster under your bed, or that the boy in your class really did like you? Remember how she sat on the edge of your bed and caressed your head and assured you anything that wanted to hurt you had to come through her? Or how she told you he was crazy for not liking you and you deserved better? Even when you were mad at her she loved you, she helped you, and now you're older and it all makes sense. Mom is a word no woman takes lightly! 

With the approach of Mother's Day tomorrow we celebrate those that have nursed us, scolded us, kissed us, and taught us unconditional love. We celebrate the at home super woman, the life saving doctor, the hard working lawyer, the clerk at the grocery store, the woman in the park! We celebrate giving birth, patching up wounds, facing slamming doors, heart to hearts, and the firsts of everything! We celebrate MOM!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hat's off!

Tip of the Day: Hat's off!

Well the time is drawing near for you and your grad. It is totally exceptable for you to celebrate as well. After all you are one of the main reasons this day is being celebrated. As the music is bouncing off the walls take moment to kick back relax and give yourself a pat on the back. Hats off to you job well done!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Don't do it!

Tip of the Day: Leave it to the pro's

Don't try this at home! Let Simply Elegant plan your party and you won't have to!